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Jul 21 2011

2 days to go!

A quick update during the last week of Institute… Stuff my students have said: -Student: “Ms. S., if I told you the name of an African-American person and you didn’t know who it was, would you be upset?” Me:  “We’re doing math problems right now. I have no idea what your question means, but it…

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Jul 17 2011

Do you speak TFA?

I’m legitimately concerned that when Chicago Institute is over in a week and corps members are released back into the “real world,” most of us will have trouble interacting with normal (non-TFA) people. The reason for my concern is that probably every single one of the conversations I’ve had with other corps members during the…

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Jul 14 2011

Multiplying fractions, y’all

This week has been pretty crazy for a wide variety of reasons. Reason #1 being, the students have been majorly struggling with both my math lessons and those of my co-teacher. Today we realized that our students can’t compute the area of a triangle because they can’t correctly multiply with decimals. They can’t correctly multiply…

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Jul 14 2011

The danger of interesting word problems

(written 2 days ago) Our “orderly” classroom devolved into a heated debate over the merits of Beyonce and Jay-Z today…but it was totally my fault. I started teaching sixth grade math today and our first objective was “extending patterns in data tables.” Thrilling. I decided to make all of our practice and assessment problems related…

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Jul 08 2011

I’m already ignoring the title of my blog…

…but I wrote this post last week and never actually hit ‘publish.’   I wrote this up mostly so that I can look back fondly on Institute someday and cherish the time I spent here. (And by “look back fondly” I mean, “remember how much life sucked and take comfort in the fact that it…

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Jul 08 2011

“Oh I’m just talking to my essay”

Based on the minuscule amount of free time I’ve had during my first few weeks as a teacher, I think it’s  a safe bet that this blog will end up being mostly a great place to post the funniest things my students say. I’m learning pretty quickly that their priceless quotes are one of the greatest perks…

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