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Oct 25 2011

Letters & Notes

Excerpts from the “friendly letters” my class wrote to the students in my mom’s 1st/2nd grade class. They were supposed to describe their school, describe what we’re learning about in 6th grade, and then describe their favorite activity: “Dear F., I like your name. You must be smart…The school I go to is a good…

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Oct 21 2011

My mom is the best.

We were only in school for 3 days this week, and because my mom’s school is in the middle of their 2-week fall break, she came up to visit and help out in my classroom.  I don’t know what else to say other than it has been AWESOME. Having another person in the room all…

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Oct 09 2011

I really can’t make this stuff up.

Please wish me luck:   Starting on Monday, my 9 best-behaved students are being moved into a new 6th grade section for more “independent” students. And I’m getting 4 new students from the other 6th grade section, who I know nothing about. And the daily schedule is changing for half the school. And none of…

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Oct 06 2011

Fact or Opinion?

We’re working on distinguishing facts from opinions in Language Arts this week.  Today each student was supposed to write a paragraph, on a topic of their choice, that included at least 2 factual statements and 1 statement of opinion. After I collected their paragraphs, I read some of the best examples to the class, and we decided…

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Oct 04 2011

Friday 5 Minute Free Write

“I want the class to be quiet while the teacher is talking. And not throw paper airplanes back and forth. So we can grow a half and a year of reading and math. And its really hard to hear you when other people are talking. And we can’t even get to the fun stuff. And…

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