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Oct 09 2011

I really can’t make this stuff up.

Please wish me luck:   Starting on Monday, my 9 best-behaved students are being moved into a new 6th grade section for more “independent” students. And I’m getting 4 new students from the other 6th grade section, who I know nothing about. And the daily schedule is changing for half the school. And none of the students know this is happening. Should be fun!

Anyway, the best of my students’ Friday free-writes:

-My best sport is soccer. I began liking it since I was in 4th grade. My uncle is a beast in soccer.

-I learned something I learned please escuse my deer ant sally.

-My week was good we stopped throwing airplanes but we need to working on our behavior.

-My week was ok. I didn’t have any truble. I tried to do my best but I got lost.

-Yesterday was a good day. My mom wanted us to go to red lobster. But then my dad wasn’t here my dad said he will be back from work at 6:00 pm but he didn’t come because he was at a gym working out his body.

-This week is boring. The same old days.

-I hate touching babies when they are really young.  I don’t touch them because I’m afraid I might break its bones.

-The class is getting quite better. But I think you guys can make a room were the bad kids can do their work their and if they talk they have say “I will listen to teacher” an hour. And they might learn to listen.

And the absolute best so far:

I spent the whole week thinking of what to write until Wednesday. I don’t remember anything until the aliens landed in my backyard. And I gave my four-square vocab to my sister for her to replace it as a kidney. Anyway, in short, my four-square vocab is in my sisters body. My homework is gone. Oh yeah, I didn’t tell you the aliens brainwashed me.

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