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Oct 25 2011

Letters & Notes

Excerpts from the “friendly letters” my class wrote to the students in my mom’s 1st/2nd grade class. They were supposed to describe their school, describe what we’re learning about in 6th grade, and then describe their favorite activity:

“Dear F., I like your name. You must be smart…The school I go to is a good school. We go to gym.”

“I wanna meet you in person not in letters.”

“I played for my school’s soccer team. We went to the finals, they had a very big guy on their team that’s why we lost.”

“We are like the best soccer team. We had a game at Saturday. We Lost, but we still got 2nd place.”

“What we’re learning about in math is really hard but you’ll get use to it when you’re in 6th grade.”

“My school has 2 floors. It’s a huge school is about 8,000 feet long I’m not pretty sure.”

“My school is so huge and big sometimes I get lost in it”

“I heard you were from Thailand that must be really cool. So are you like Chinease or Japanese? I’m Somalian, that’s why I love this school because it makes me feel so welcome.”

And excerpts from a 5 minute free-write- “What did you do over your 4 day weekend?”:

“This weekend I had a awesome weekend because my coach took us to Old Country Buffet we ate soo much food then a little kid name Omar throw up because he ate to much.”

“I ate alot my lil bro ate fries, mashed potatoe, and more. My mom and dad only ate vegeteables. they told me to eat vegeteables, and I did.”

“we went to old country buffet the whole soccer team it was the best we eat so much that one of us puked but it was still very fun.”

“I slept, slept, slept, slept, slept slept. Then I went to class then I went to sleep. Good day to you maam.”

(Sidenote:  the poor kid who puked at Old Country Buffet is not in my class, and I sadly did not get to hear his perspective on that event.)

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