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Nov 09 2011

Just a few precious minutes

I’m definitely not the type to get all emotional and teary-eyed about my students and their life trajectories/limitless potential/bla bla bla, but I obviously do love them to pieces, even when they’re at their worst. And I love the little moments when I can step back and appreciate just how awesome they can be. For…

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Nov 05 2011

The lost essays

First quarter grades were due yesterday, which meant no school for the kids, and a full day of grading for me. ┬áThe amount of failing grades that I had to give was depressing, even though I’ve known for awhile that this would happen. I have 21 kids for 4 subjects, which means 84 total grades.…

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Nov 02 2011

Ok, it’s November 1st…

…Things should be easier now, right? Everyone kept telling me that October is the hardest month to be a teacher. ┬áThe kids are comfortable with you and ready to really test their limits, they know your routines and rules by now but CHOOSE not to follow them…and you’re still a long ways from Thanksgiving break.…

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