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Dec 01 2011

The round-up

Assignment:  Write a one-page fiction story on a topic of your choice, using correct grammar, punctuation and organization. (Teacher’s note:  They could have picked ANY topic they wanted.  This came from a boy who has semi-serious behavior issues, but has been doing better ever since his older brother came in to talk to me and got a bad report. Also, I never “put him in detention and turned off the light.”)

“One day there was a school named ***.  It was a good school.  When a boy came the whole school turned bad. People throwing pencils and other stuff. He didn’t listen to anyone teacher.  But one day a teacher put him in detention.  And turned off the light. The boy didn’t care but he saw a video about a school.  Then he figured out that if he gets expelled it will be in his record.  Next day everyone saw how he was being good. And then he said to himself if I keep this up he may go to college.  Now he became one of the smart students and everyone liked him.”

What are you most excited to learn about ancient Egypt?

“The thing I want to learn about is the egyptian dance. I like to see how the egyptian dance goes.  It must be cool for the egyptians for their culture.”

Scene:  A. does not show up for tutoring before school.  I was concerned because his parents are always very punctual and enthusiastic, never missing a session.  When he comes to class later, I ask several times where he was and if everything was okay. Every time he responds, “I dunno.”

Me:  “A, I was worried this morning! if you don’t let me know why you didn’t show up, I’ll just have to call your dad to find out.”

A:  (Thinks for several more seconds). “Well…my mom did have a baby last night.”

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