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Dec 01 2011

Why I haven’t posted for 2 weeks

Two weeks ago, I started writing a long post about my worst week as a teacher so far.  Surprise, surprise:  it wasn’t about my kids (though they’ve recently taken post-Thanksgiving behavior fallback to a new level).

For several reasons, that venting post will never see the light of day.  But to make a very long story short, a corps member and friend at my school was fired for unjust reasons, and I believe that TFA’s involvement and initial response to the incident were unacceptable.  My main take-aways from the situation?  1)  I could be fired from my school at any time, on a whim.   2)  I previously placed far too much trust in TFA as a support system.

Both of these were tough lessons to learn, and definitely have not made this job any easier.  I’m realizing more than ever that it’s never the kids that make the work seem impossible. It’s always the adults.

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