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Jan 27 2012

Coming out even?

Since I joined TFA, I’m guessing most of my friends and family members have become well acquainted with my typical answers to the questions, “So, how are things going?” or “How’s your class doing this week?”  I’ve become pretty used to giving those answers, too.  It’s funny (but actually kinda sad) how accustomed you can…

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Jan 17 2012

All you need is a little IMAGINATION!

Best question I’ve ever asked on a test:  Of all the civilizations we’ve learned about so far this year, which would you most want to have lived in, and why? I. picked Egypt:  “They have some jars for the mummification. For guts to put in.” A. chose hominids (early humans) although she doesn’t “want to…

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Jan 14 2012


Almost all of my kids are obsessed with soccer and completely worship the school’s soccer coach.  Although our school doesn’t have sports teams, about half of the kids are allowed to have soccer practice during the school day instead of regular gym class.  They also play in a local league with the same coach. Though…

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Jan 11 2012

Updating my resume

After four years of constantly applying to internships, I felt like I had the resume thing down.  But now I’m in the process of updating my resume so that I can look for a summer job.  Specifically, I’m trying to fill in the job description under “Teach for America, St. Paul, MN” and I’m drawing…

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Jan 05 2012

Consistently inadequate

So here’s how it goes: 1) I manage to get one tiny classroom thing figured out and I feel confident about it being somewhat effective. 2) I suddenly think of 20+ other things that I’m completely failing at. 3) I start tackling these newly recognized problems. 4) The pattern repeats. 5) Eventually something that I…

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