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Jan 05 2012

Consistently inadequate

So here’s how it goes:

1) I manage to get one tiny classroom thing figured out and I feel confident about it being somewhat effective.

2) I suddenly think of 20+ other things that I’m completely failing at.

3) I start tackling these newly recognized problems.

4) The pattern repeats.

5) Eventually something that I thought I had figured out three months ago ends up back on my to-do list, when I realize that my previous “solution” actually sucks, a lot.

6) I reflect on this cycle and wonder for the millionth time if I’m actually qualified to do this job. ¬†However, I try to remind myself that to be truly awesome at this job, I’d have to be some combination of psychic, magician, and preteen angst miracle worker.

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  1. Wess

    How else would there be room to Consistently Increase Effectiveness?
    : )

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