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Jan 11 2012

Updating my resume

After four years of constantly applying to internships, I felt like I had the resume thing down.  But now I’m in the process of updating my resume so that I can look for a summer job.  Specifically, I’m trying to fill in the job description under “Teach for America, St. Paul, MN” and I’m drawing a blank.  Everything else under Work Experience has nice, concise bullet points that make the normal work tasks I completed sound reasonably interesting.  But teaching? I’m not sure how to sum that up the skills and experiences I’ve gained in less than an inch of space.


Ideas so far…



Teach For America, St. Paul, MN

Sixth Grade Teacher

  • Pull together daily lessons on social studies, language arts, math and science using a crappy curriculum, self-made worksheets and random things I happen to find on the internet, usually late on Sunday nights.
  • Constantly invent and implement new methods for keeping track of my students’ (mis)behaviors, whether it’s charts, individual trackers, positive reinforcement or the classic evil teacher glare.
  • Manage to exist within what is possibly the most dysfunctional work environment ever. (Note: teachers at other charter schools might argue for this title).



  • Attending students’ soccer games
  • Sharpening pencils
  • Making copies
  • Sitting in irrelevant “grad school” classes two nights per week



  • Experience with defusing preteen drama meltdowns
  • Proficient at poster-making
  • Skilled at creating a classroom library from garage sale purchases
  • Professional at negotiating with broken copy machines
  • Conversational in Somali (mostly curse words)



3 Responses

  1. C

    Oh, resumes. :-) There are a bunch of resources on that are helpful. I also have a document/template I created when I worked on staff, and would be happy to share if you can somehow send me your email address.

  2. anne2011

    Haha, as a fellow middle school teacher I can DEFINITELY identify with this. I think “Keeping middle-school girls from ripping each other’s hair out” is a pretty awesome skill.

  3. Rachel

    I identify with this far too much! I appreciate the laugh, though, thanks!

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