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May 21 2012

My other blogging job

I’m now also blogging, a bit more formally than usual, for an education reform group here in Minnesota. Check out my first posts on the need for more structured teacher evaluations and detailed school “report cards”.     p.s.:  18 more days of school!!

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…I took my kids out for an unscheduled recess and they started playing a very spirited game of boys vs. girls soccer.  If I haven’t said it enough before, my kids live for soccer and were ridiculously happy to unexpectedly get to play at the end of a long two days of testing.  One of…

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May 03 2012

The power of One Direction

Today’s Do Now to start math class:   Last night Ms. S. saw a post on Facebook that made her laugh: ’83% of girls would not care if Niall dropped out of One Direction. Re-post if you’re one of the 27% of girls who would fall on the floor crying!’ What is wrong with this…

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May 03 2012

General frustrations

If you’re hoping for entertaining kiddo stories, sorry in advance.  This post has two purposes:  a healthy vent, and some curiosity about how these things work in other TFA regions (specifically numbers 1 & 2).   #1:  I already used up my one allowed Professional Saturday skip in December, in order to catch up on…

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