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May 03 2012

The power of One Direction

Today’s Do Now to start math class:


Last night Ms. S. saw a post on Facebook that made her laugh:

’83% of girls would not care if Niall dropped out of One Direction. Re-post if you’re one of the 27% of girls who would fall on the floor crying!’

What is wrong with this statement?  (Hint:  think about math!)


True story, and this was actually perfect timing because we need to review percents a bit more before the last standardized math test.  I even had “What Makes You Beautiful” playing when they walked in the room from the buses.


My kids are already aware of my obsession with “Call Me Maybe,” so they weren’t all that surprised by the song.  However, when they saw that the Do Now mentioned One Direction, most of the girls were freaking out.  The first volunteer to answer the question confidently stated that it was wrong because “Niall wouldn’t really drop out of One Direction!”  I think the girls were then overly distracted by the question of whether this Niall guy actually would drop out of their favorite band, but a few of my boys figured out the correct answer pretty quickly.

3 Responses

  1. Hahaha that is hilarious. Elementary school kids are that into One Direction? Times have changed..

    • alwaysawildcat

      Oh, they definitely are. That and another preteen boy band called Mindless Behavior. One Direction is infinitely better, in my opinion.

  2. i love all of 1d if one of the boy droped out of that band i would kill my self!!!!!!!!!!

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