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Closing the Teach For America Blogging Gap
Aug 11 2012

Zombies: America’s next achievement gap?

I’m in D.C. this weekend at a Bellwether Education conference for teacher bloggers.  According to the current presenter, I should not annoy my readers by using “trolling” headlines like the one above.  Whoops.

In all seriousness, I’ve been learning a ton of great stuff about blogging in general, and specifically for teachers who want to blog about ed reform issues.  It’s made me realize more than ever that current teachers have an incredible opportunity to use their perspective and voice to make significant contributions to the ed reform debate.  People involved in education are often frustrated with politicians who make/support education laws, but don’t have much insight into the daily struggles of students and teachers.  This is even more reason  for us to share our stories- even if they’re just random snippets of our days or amusing student quotes.

Also, it’s been very cool to see that current CMs and TFA alums are well-represented at the conference.

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  1. meghank

    But you support using children’s standardized test scores to measure teachers’ “effectiveness,” don’t you?

    • alwaysawildcat

      Yes, I do, provided that test scores are used fairly and accurately. Just to clarify, I didn’t mean to imply that teachers should write about any specific education issue- just that more people should write about their teaching experiences!

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