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Oct 26 2012

Eid Mubarak!

Today was the last day of first quarter and the day before the Eid holiday.  The days leading up to and after Eid are probably the easiest to make small talk with absolutely any child in school, because they ALL want to tell you about their Eid plans.  Girls start coming to school early in the week with elaborate henna designs on their wrists and hands.  Several students were absent from each class today to prep for the holiday, including getting their Eid outfits.  Some of the older kids choose to fast the day before.

The student council also organized a Middle School Carnival today to celebrate the end of the quarter, complete with Bouncy Castle. One of my boys won a fistful of candy and sought me out in the cafeteria to brag:  “I’m fasting today, but look how much candy I won!  I’m literally dying to eat it!!”

And then, the actual day-of-Eid plans:  the majority are going to Mall of America to ride the Nickelodeon rides all day, but some are checking out Valley Scare, the halloween-themed amusement park.  Plus, a couple are going to Old Country Buffet.

My favorite part of Eid is assigning a “What I Did for Eid” narrative essay the Monday after, and receiving 20-some breathless accounts of the FASTEST roller coasters EVER that they rode over and over until they felt like puking, seeing EVERYONE THEY KNOW at the mall, and eating 17+ plates of food even though OMG they were already so full!!!


My class was at their usual pre-holiday behavior level today, which means bouncing off the walls insane. They are no longer surprised when I ask, “did you happen to eat a bowl of sugar for breakfast?”  Unfortunately, about 1/3 of the middle school had lost too many behavior points to actually attend the carnival.  So, of course, I was “the meanest teacher ever.”  Fair.  On the bright side, M.O. asked to spend his free time adding extra details to his city-state diorama.  One of the sixth graders in the other class gave me two of his carnival tickets so that I could play against K. in the ring toss game. A. got all riled up when the class instigator declared that she was too shy to read us the student council announcements, and then she delivered them beautifully, with confidence.  And I got all my grades done, prepped for Monday and left school so ready to get on a plane to Chicago tomorrow morning.

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