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Nov 02 2012

Yes to Obama, No to Star Wars

Here are some happy quotes, because this week has been rough. All are from answers to this week’s current events questions:


Who do you think is going to win the election?  Why?

Obama because a lot of people are voting for him.

Obama because I like his ideas better

Barack Obama he won’t let us leave

Obama because he had more votes.

Obama because he won an election before.

Mitt Romney because he’s white.

I want Obama to win because he made lots of good changes.

Obama will win. Because he will make healthcare better.


Are you glad that there will be new Star Wars movies?  Why or why not?

No, because Star Wars I don’t watch. I’m tired of my siblings watching it.

Yes because we get to watch more movies.

No because it’s boring.

No!!! I’m a girl.

Yes because it’s been awhile

Yes because I’ll watch them.

No, because I hate Star Wars.

Yes because it’ll be nice to have another movie.

No because I don’t like Star Wars.

Yes because it will help the economy.




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