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Dec 06 2012

The Crayonmaker

Ms. S, what is that?

What IS that?

What is that box?

Why is that here?

Why is it called a Crayonmaker?

Can we do science now?


Is it going to melt the crayons?

Can we eat what it makes?

Can I have a crayon?

Can I?

How about me?

Not fair!


It’s melting the crayons!

Can I touch it?

Can I touch it now?

How hot is it? Can I touch it?

Somebody touched it! But I don’t know who it was.


Ms. S, where did you get this?

How much was it?

Your parents still had it from when you were a kid?

Was that a million years ago?

Please tell me how much it was. $80? $100?

It belonged to your mom? How old is your mom?

Seriously Ms. S, how much WAS this thing?!

Wait, how old are you?

I bet your mom is really old. How old are you?

Are you 80?

Are you 30?

Are you 20?

You guys, you can’t ask her that! The worst question you can ask a woman is how old she is. Also, her weight.


Ms. S. is going to take the new crayons out!

Can I have one?

How about me?

Can just the good kids have one?

I don’t mind that they’re sticky. I like sticky things.

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